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Loft insulation

On Construction EPCWhy waste money on heat that is escaping through your roof?

Saving money and not wasting anything unnecessarily is a major focus for everyone in this new "cash straped" world. As global markets crash around us never before has it been so important to be prudent with your money.

Wasting heat and cash through your roof is an obvoius problem, over the last year heating bills and oil have all reached record prices and there is no certainty how the future will unfold. Loft insulation is a simple task that can be completed quickly and cheaply. We insulate a terrace house for £250, a semi detached for £270 and a detached home from £300 depending on the size.

Some older homes will not have any insulation at all or at best may be 1 inch, this is grossly insufficient, building control regulations currently have a minimum far in excess of this. We install to a depth of over 10 inches (270mm) and that is laid down in two sheets running like a mesh over each other to ensure there is no gaps and excellent sealing. You may curently be loosing up to 25% of your heat through your roof.

We guarentee all our work here at LoveYourHome and with loft insulation you will be more than happy with our service, we understand that in may cases the customers loft will be flowing over with boxes and "odds and ends" that have accumlated over years. Thats why we offer an additinal service and for £50 we will take away and recycle all unwanted items from your loft. That means taking away the items that you decide you no longer want and bringing them to the local ameniety site where ever you are in Belfast or Northern Ireland and recycling the goods. Our service is fast and professional and we value out customers. All efforts will be made to keep your home clean and tidy during and and after the iinstallation of the loft insulation. The materials use are guarenteed also and we use the highly respected brand Knauf Insulation.

loft insulation belfast

Commercial EPC Cost loft insulation northern ireland

What price should I expect to pay for insulating my loft?

£250 - Terrace house

£270 - Semi detached huse

£300 - Detached house

These prices are based on installing loft insulation in average sized properties for their description, if your property is much larger than other properties of its type then we may need to increse the cost to cover the extra materials and work. However if this is required will will fully explain this prior to starting any work. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss the pricing or any other matter on 02890 200540 and I look forward to hearing from you.
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